Our Services

We provide a variety of services for small businesses and not-for-profit organizations.

» Information Technology Planning and Implementation

Our technology professionals will review your existing technology infrastructure and assess both your hardware and software requirements. We are strongly against recommending technology for technology's sake — we'll help you source and install equipment and software that matches your specific needs, allows for growth, but most importantly, fits within your budget constraints.

Software-wise, we are big proponents of free, open-source software. We'll include options and show you suitable alternatives that can save you hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars a year.

» Virtual CIO (Chief Information Officer)

Most of our clients don't need a full time IT person on staff. We set up service agreements to suit your specific requirements and budget constraints and provide the amount of IT support your business needs.

Our service agreements can range from the simple call-us-when-you-need-us service or incorporate regular, scheduled, on or off-site monthly visits for general maintenance and even remote monitoring and off-site administration of your systems.

» Custom Software Development

We design, build and install software solutions tailor-made to your setup and needs.

For example, you need a system that will automatically backup your off-site company web server’s database several times a day, download the backups to your office machine once a day, and alert you by email as well as SMS to your cell phone if anything goes wrong with the process, but only after having retried it at least 3 times before bothering you. It would be impossible to find off-the-shelf software to do this for you. This is however, just a small sample of the type of functionality that we custom-build for our clients.

Contact us to discuss automating any of those painful but necessary maintenance tasks that you currently have to do manually.

We also have a broad base of experience in building and installing other standalone or networked systems as well as database driven web sites incorporating Content Management Systems (CMS) which allow you to easily change your site when you need it.

» Technology Support

Think of us as your on-call IT people. In addition to on-site support when things go wrong, in many cases we can diagnose and resolve problems remotely by connecting to your machines directly without needing to be physically present in your offices.

Additionally we also provide the following services:
general machine health — virus, spyware and other malware removal, software installation and upgrading, driver updates, new or clean installations, regular preventative maintenance, etc.
hardware maintenance and support — diagnose, repair, replace and upgrade individual components or the whole computer
scheduled preventative maintenance — verify that tasks like backups, software updates, etc. are taking place regularly, in many cases automating the processes to save you time and money

» Personalized Training

We are experienced in training business professionals and can help your employees maximize their workplace efficiency through better use of the technology provided by your organization.

User training is arranged and customized to your individual organization’s needs and specific requirements, taking into account the current level of user proficiency.

We're often complimented on our ability to communicate clearly in plain English and avoid the use of jargon. Contact us now to discuss how we can put information technology to work for your business.